IQ Coke & Coal

IQ Coke & Coal and its affiliates have more than 15 years of experience in marketing, storing, handling, and transporting Calcined Petroleum Coke , Graphetised Petroleum Coke & Met Coke . IQ Coke & Coal maintains a strong network of trading relationships throughout the world, meeting the needs of many of the world’s top producers and consumers of petroleum coke. Our capabilities include a worldwide network of bulk terminals and storage locations that enable IQ Coke & Coal to serve a broad range of petroleum coke consumers including: electric power, cement, steel, pulp and paper, calcining, and other specialty industry sectors.

Whether you need Calcined Petroleum Coke,Graphtised Petroleum Coke Or Met Coke, we are one of the biggest suppliers  with over a decade long experience and ability to deliver. 

The products we offer are :

  • LAM Coke
  • Met Coke
  • C P Coke
  • Carbon Raiser
  • Steam Coal
  • Calcined Anthracite Coal
  • Coking Coal
  • Steam Coal
  • Amorphous Graphite
  • Graphite Fines / Granules
  • Graphitized Petroleum Coke