Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vision

“To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index.”

— Mr. Shikhar Chand Bothra, Founder – Jaskaran Amravdevi Bothra Charitable Trust

Making a difference

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a place in corporate lexicon, it was already textured into our Group’s value systems, our founding father Shri Jaskaran Bothra espoused the trusteeship concept of management. Simply stated, this entails that the wealth that one generates and holds, is to be held as in a trust for our multiple stakeholders. With regard to CSR, this means investing part of our profits beyond business, for the larger good of society.

While carrying forward this philosophy, our legendary leader, Mr. Shikhar Chand Bothra, weaved in the concept of ‘sustainable livelihood’, which transcended cheque book philanthropy. In his view, it was unwise to keep on giving endlessly. Instead, he felt that channelising resources to ensure that people have the wherewithal to make both ends meet would be more productive.

He would say, “Give a hungry man food for a day, he will eat it and the next day, he would be hungry again. Instead, if you taught him how earn livelihood , he would be able to feed himself and his family for a lifetime.”

Taking these practices forward, our chairman Mr. Shikhar Chand Bothra, institutionalised the concept of triple bottom line accountability represented by economic success. Our community work is a way of telling the people among whom we operate that We Care.

Our rural development activities span five key areas and our single-minded goal is to focus on areas of healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and espousing social causes.

  • Girl child education
  • Digital literacy / computer education
  • Pulse polio programme
  • Mobile clinics — doctors’ visits
  • Blood donation
  • Women empowerment
  • Schools in villages
  • Skill development / Vocational training