IQ Foundation

At IQ Group, we just not aim at individual expansion but collective growth for the people who directly and indirectly serve their allegiance to us.

Our Vision: We visualise our business as an entity offering incredible support for the communities that enable us to thrive. With social and economic agendas, we aim at enhancing the state or country's weaker section and further develop the Human Development Index.

We Aim At Creating A Difference!!!

Our value system had always focused on the aspect of completing the social responsibility of our business. Our founder Late Shri Jaskaran Bothra has embraced the concept of trusteeship within the management principles. It simply aligns with the fact that our wealth is kept in trust for numerous stakeholders of our business.

One of our prominent leaders, Mr Shikhar Chand Bothra has taken forward this philosophy and has further come up with the ideology of sustainable livelihood. We came up with the idea to channelise the resources and ensure that both the ends of the relationship are in a win-win position. It helped us direct our investments most effectively and productively.

His ideology was to make people independent rather than making them addict to mercy. We inculcated these practices in our applications and further our Chairman, Mr Shikhar Chand Bothra brought the philosophy of triple bottom line accountability that unleashed the enhanced avenues of success.

We focus on various areas of development within the rural sector that can be further classified within rural, infrastructure, sustainable livelihood, adopting social causes, healthcare and education.

  • Education: This area is further aligned with meeting the requirements for girl child education along with digital knowledge and skill development.
  • Health Programmes: We focus on increasing the awareness of the health programme, promote mobile clinics and foster blood donation camps.
  • Social Causes: Our focus is in the field of women empowerment.
  • Infrastructural Aids: We aim to enhance the availability of schools in the village.
  • Sustainable Livelihood: We promote skill development and vocational training programs.