IQ Angel Investments

Who We Are?

We are a venture intended to promote investments in various types of businesses at their beginning or developmental stage. We look for ventures with dedication and desire to develop extraordinary value in the concerned industry. Our robust background and expertise in operational and entrepreneurial Ecos-system have enabled us to focus on the creation of innovative and successful ventures. With a commitment and passion to enhance the scale and potential of the startup ventures, we discover the aspects of growth.

We began the business category in 2016 with a vision to not just contribute to deserving enterprises through funds but via extensive networking, mentoring, and other required inputs towards their strategic business model and its execution in the market. Due to our exclusive background, we are capable of analysing and understanding the strengths and risks along with their intensity at the beginning stage of the business.

Our Investment Criteria

IQ Angel Investment works on very simple criteria to make our investment decisions strong and quick. Here are the key concepts we follow,

  • We look for startups facing high barriers to enter a specific market.
  • Our team looks for enterprises with a supportive and complementary management team.
  • The business we will invest in need to have the potential of scalability.
  • On top of everything, we value a differentiated value proposition which means firms and enterprises should have an innovative process, service and product in their business model.

Areas of Interest

Innovative ideas need the right backing. At IQ Angel investment , we believe in supporting entrepreneurs across diverse sectors and help fuel their development. Companies that are creating next-generation products and solutions draw our interest

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